Center For Social Dynamics Study

Center For Social Dynamics Study is an institution that conducts research, community service and scientific publications. Community service that have been made ​​include:

  1. Making Nata de Soya training in "KOPTI Makmur" in Denpasar, Bali, PNM Fund,  2010
  2. Manufacture various of Tempe in soy sauce in "KOPTI Makmur" in Denpasar Garuda  Bali. PANIN Bank Indonesia Funds.    2011
  3. Preparation Training of fish pellets and pulp Know Making Meals of Tempe. Bali's Fund of PT. Garuda  Indonesia.  2012
  4. Product Diversification Training of Fruit Kopidi Kintamani. Bank Indonesia funds. 2013

In the coming year 2014, has planned training in Bali, among others:

  1. Training of various products from Cashew Fruit
  2. Training of  making various Cow feed
  3. Training of various food products from coffee pulp
  4. Training of various foods from palm fruit.

Regard Dwi Suhartanti